About Me

Hello and Welcome!

I'm Cheryl, and I love to travel. 
Mostly, I've discover or rediscovered, I love to live by the sea. 

Born and raised in Massachusetts and Maine the ocean and water was always a part of my life. Then I married my childhood sweetheart, and we moved inland. Salt water runs through both of our veins; we missed the sea for too long. 

I've been blogging since 2006. 
My blog has evolved and changed as I have transitioned through different chapters in my life.
It began as a way for our sons and parents to keep track of us. See, when our sons all left home we left as well. The house was too empty, and the wide open road was calling to us. I left my quilting behind and took along my camera and laptop and began to blog as we traveled.
Our sons are now husbands and dads. Our four boys have multiplied and blessed us with nine grandkids ((with two more due the next two months)). 

We have traveled by plane, ship, car, truck and 5th wheels. 
Presently, we are living in Puerto Rico right on the beach and in the city. 

This is our second stint living on this wonderful island. And it is our first time to live in a city. We discovered that we love being able to walk everywhere, that we can adjust to late night noise and music and that daily beach walks that begin twenty steps from our front door make us supremely happy.

The countryside still calls to us, as does time with our family. We have a 5th wheel that is our stateside home. Plus, we've discovered that we enjoy using HomeAway and renting places in fun locations and having family join us. 

My wish is that my photography and writing take you away on mini-virtual vacations. 
I also hope that as I journey along discovering, experimenting and enjoying it will inspire you on your own life journey.