Sea Fans

Beach walks at dusk...the light is soft and fading. 

I feel a sense of urgency to get out of my condo and get the sand between my toes at this time of day.

This past week we had a continuous carpet of seaweed coming ashore on some areas of the beach. In places the it was ankle deep. I love walking through the texture and feel. On this one evening sea fans flowed in with the seaweed.

During the walk my husband and I picked up nineteen sea fans.

All sizes and shapes...

I wash them then laid them out to dry. It took days for the sea smell to fade away in my house.

I've begun to use my sketchbooks as a place to collect thoughts and concepts beyond my drawings and Zentangles. I'm learning the value of getting something laid down for future reference.

The visual benefit of my sketchbook is that when it is time to create I already know what I want and have found that I am more able and ready to take action to fulfill the vision.

As much as I like the thick, chunky coral root on the fans, the frame I had wouldn't allow me to keep it. Working on the fan's root with the Dremel drill brought back unpleasant dentist chair memories.

However, the end result, using a beautiful old frame I had, was well worth it.  I've hung this in my bedroom and each morning when I open my eyes it gives me a smile.