My Valentine's Day Lesson

Yesterday while in Old San Juan to have a birthday lunch with Tim's sister and husband, I went searching for hearts. It was Valentine's Day after all.

I have found that having a theme, a collecting theme if you will, is fun and provides a focus especially when returning to the same place again and again. 

The white heart, the red heart and the stone wall with grass growing heart all were found on the exterior city wall on my way to the San Juan gate. I've walked that path many times and never noticed them before. 

Too often I think small. One heart nice sea fan...a blue piece of sea glass...
I am learning to think and dream expansively. 
Not greedily. 
Expansively. Large. Sweeping. Open. 

I love how my sister Patty put it, "You mean I can see AND smell?" 

It's being able to look left AND right.

Standing in the same spot, back to back moments and camera clicks.
So fantastically expansive!

And then getting your toes in the sand and surf and walking.

Then looking down and seeing nestled in the sand and surf a small sliver of this. Stopping, exploring and discovering a small gift from the sea.

I guess it is learning to look forward and backward, up and down, to the right and to the left.

Maybe expanding vision creates expanding thinking and thus expanded living.
Or could it be expanding thinking first?

On a side note: Are the photos taking too long to load? I'm wondering if the resolution it too high. Thoughts appreciated?