A New Year

A new year…
A new focus…
A new word...

This year my focus is to Follow my Bliss. 
Daily I am seeking to do the things that delight me. I see it as if I'm following a bread trail or a multicolored thread. Often it is as simple as taking a beach walk, enjoying my coffee, chatting with someone or taking photos. I'm finding that this focus is making me more aware of the present moments.

This year's word is CREATE.
Last year's word was transition. And it was a year of transitions. A year that I am thankful for, but one that I am glad is over.

This year my goal is to keep the word create in front of me every day. I have found that it is too easy to lose the word as the year progresses. I don't want to get to December 31, 2014 and have to look back here in order to remember what my word for the year was. ((Yes, I had to do that this past year.))

There is a bit of a story behind the lemon photo. It came with our condo here in Puerto Rico. When we arrived back home on December 3rd I looked at this large canvas painting and groaned. It is not my favorite, and yet I can't seem to part with it. I like the brightness and the size and it fills the spot perfectly. So I took a picture of it and used some Word Swag on it and now whenever I look at it I see this year's focus and word in my mind's eye.

I guess it goes back to last year's mantra: focus on the solution not the problem. It helped me so much. And that is one reason why I continue on with a yearly focus and word. It works for me.