He's Gone...

Yesterday late afternoon my Dad went to heaven. 
He lived and died with quiet dignity. 
He longed for heaven at the end. He was ready. 

My mom has been amazing. She kept him at home. She cared for him and loved him. 
He was cognitive and normal the day before....eating and talking and enjoying marveling that the Red Sox had won the World Series the day before. 

He mentioned he had a bad headache at bedtime. After helping them get him settled I said good night and walked home wondering how much longer he'd be able to stand. Each tiny step cost him so much. Wondering what was he next stage. He was so tired of the pain and suffering. 

At 4:15 AM my mom woke when his breathing changed. He was slipping into a coma. We talked to him. Hospice arrived. The waiting began. The unknown of when he would be called home. Hours? or 

 Late afternoon arrived and it was just mom and me. She ate a light dinner that Tim had brought in. Dad's favorite sandwich: a crunchy munchie. After she finished we swapped seats and she held his hand as we chatted. His breathing changed. He exhaled quietly and that was it. 

My heart is full...happy and oh so sad. 

Early morning phone call from Mom.
Quick predawn walk two doors down.
Dad's breathing changed, he won't wake.
A day sitting bedside holding hands.
Twelve hours later a peaceful passing.
Sadness full of peace...he's released.
His pain and suffering finally gone.
Heaven was his hope and reality.
He's with his Savior at last. 
Sadness, joy, peace, grief, tiredness, thankfulness.