Keep Moving Forward

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I am keeping this quote in front of me these days.

We are packing up our little home in the Arizona mountains ((cold!) and moving back to the valley ((Warm!!) on Monday in order to stay close to my parents. 

My dad continues to fight on. His mobility has decreased significantly. He is fighting an infection in his hip. And his pain continues to increase and spread...Being close is important to us.

My list of things to do, things I want to learn, photography projects, quotography long and exciting. I remind myself that, "a done something is better than a perfect nothing." And that at times just "good enough" is truly good enough. 

I am grateful for the freedom to be close to my parents this past year. 
I'm thankful for projects that interest and excite me.
I'm grateful for a husband who loves my parents as much as I do and demonstrates is with tangible actions. 
I'm grateful for a new place to live...a new adventure in a warm location.
I'm grateful for the lessons I'm learning as I observe and live close to my parents in this season of their lives.