Why I Blog?

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"Why blog?
An old question to be sure-- one that pops up for most bloggers with some frequency.  Once upon a time I would say it was to create and nurture connections, but those connections have been made and are fostered elsewhere for the most part.  Sure, there are plenty of bloggers who do it now for revenue, but hello--- that has never been the raison d'etre for this little laundry line.
I think for me it is about collecting moments.
Some people pin butterflies into shadow boxes, others tuck odd stamps behind sheets of cellophane -- I blog."
–  Elizabeth Duvivier
Since I couldn't express myself any better, I decided to share the above quote from a fellow blogger.

This is my reason for writing a blog since 2006.
I collect moments and memories and thoughts.
My photography does that as well but on a deeper, more emotional level for me.

At times I don't want to write on this blog or in my journal. I've come to understand that it means I'm avoiding something. It isn't a matter of being empty inside; it's a matter of having too much inside.

I am learning that is when I need to write the most.

Often when I am in my digital darkroom a photo will expose something within me that I was unaware of or incapable of expressing....

The safe cocoon of editing...of seeing as the photographer then stepping back and seeing as the editor...

It is a time of enlightenment.
It is part of the process that I love.