Sunday Rain

A foggy morning at Nimaha Cottage in Rockport, ME August 2013
Overcast, chilly, dripping rain, football, beeswax candles burning, simmering soup...fall is in the air here in the Arizona mountains. I love days like this. I feel cocooned and comforted. They remind me of Maine, childhood, and our family when the boys were little. 

Morning walk beauty

This week we've settled into our little home in the mountains, went on one last fishing trip with my dad {a sad reality and precious memory that I'm still processing}, and Tim & I were both stung by bees on morning walks. I also colored my hair at home for the first and last time. 

I still haven't decided how to handle my two-toned purplish hair. I could wear a hat for the next six months, shave my head, or go to a salon and see if they can fix my mess. Since the bee stung me on the back of my head {seriously, how weird is that} I'm waiting until the pain, swelling and headaches leave before going to a stylist. Honestly, I forget about my hair until I walk past a mirror or my mother looks at me. Then I remember and want to hide and shave my head and cry and ask myself what I was thinking. And no, I won't be taking any pictures of it so don't even ask. 

Reservation Lake, AZ

While the men went fishing {YES, I'm changing the subject} I had a glorious morning on the lake's shore at 8,300 feet elevation taking photos, reading and journaling. My big camera and I are getting reacquainted, and I made myself shoot in RAW and manuel mode. Those photos are now sitting on the card, waiting for my Macbook Pro to arrive. My little MacBook Air can't handle the files or editing.