My Skyline

Day 7 ~ Skyline in Isla Verde, PR

In April I turned 50. Approaching this milestone motivated me to refocus on my physical goals.  After a lifetime of being fit, my late 40's gave me a thickening that I didn't like. It was a gradual transformation, a slow gaining of weight and decreased activity. Until one morning I looked in the mirror and didn't fully recognize the person looking back at me. No longer can I eat whatever I want without it affecting me. If I wanted to be fit and active than I was going to have to make some serious changes.

January was my wake up call. I became serious about getting the extra weight off and getting back into walking and running shape. It has been a slow process, but a rewarding one. I had an overall goal, but only when I broke that BIG goal down into a weekly accountability and then into a few daily goals did I have success.

Standing in surf reminds me of the process. Looking out over the vast, expansive ocean can be overwhelming. It is easy to walk the shoreline and flirt with the waves. But there is something breathtaking about walking into the surf and having those waves slam into you. I love walking into the sea, feeling the sand beneath my feet and then gliding forward and leaving the secure ocean floor behind me. It is therapeutic on many levels.

Today I swan in the sea during a tropical downpour. It was amazing! It was one of those afternoons when staying inside would have made sense, but the skyline called me. And I responded.

The August Break 2013