Breathing with the Surf

The sound of the ocean's surf is a constant day and night in my home in Puerto Rico. It is probably what makes living here so relaxed and soothing. The sound, the sight, and the feel of it envelops me when I'm on the island.

I am new to the practice of yoga, and the statement, "Find the breath" has often baffled me until just recently. Daily as I practice yoga and breathing I have found that the surf is helping me. The rhythm, the ebb and flow, draws me in and without even thinking about it I often find myself breathing in sync to the surf. I am finding my breath.

Breathing in calms me. Breathing out frees me. It is so simple, and yet not so easy. I didn't realize how much I held my breath or how often I was breathing swallow. Breathing with awareness places me in the present moment, makes me relax, and fills me with gratitude and peace.

The surf reminds me and assists me. I am learning to breathe with the surf.

The August Break 2013