August Break 2013

I fell off the blogging wagon...

Day 5 - August Break 2013~ Up Close
Writing online lost its meaning, so I simply stopped.  Mostly it is because I had nothing that I wanted or needed to say. I was in a different space, and being there I found that I was content and willing to silently embrace it. I enjoyed daily time with my parents and Tim, enjoyed celebrating birthdays and wedding anniversaries with together, and enjoyed working side by side with my Dad on different projects. Living close to my parents has been a delightful treat that we've not had in over 26 years.

Although I still love & use my Canon 7D, it is my iPhone that is now my go to camera. Instagram & iPhone photography has changed how I take, process and post photos. It is simpler, easier and less reflective. Yet, I found that I began missing this space. 

It is time for me to redefine this space of mine. When I saw Susannah Conway's August Break 2013 I knew I was ready to begin the process.