Photo-Heart Connection: February 2013

For as long as I've been going to Shacks Beach this boat has anchored here. I've seen it preparing to go out to sea; I've seen it returning from some trip. Here it even in the storms, high seas and winds. Its anchor holds. 

After being gone from three months it was good to see it still here. It was a windy day; the kite surfers filled the sky and sea. I'd spent the early afternoon at another beach...alone in the sun...too much sun, in fact. But to be in the area and not walk this beach wasn't possible. My husband lent me his shirt, and we set out for a late afternoon stroll...together...anchored...enjoying wind and waves.

So, I connect with this scene--flight and freedom in air and on sea and yet...the comfort and security of an anchor, a place of contentment and belonging. It fills me with gratitude and happiness.