A Moment of Clarity Lost

I woke this morning in a semi-dark room in Oklahoma City. The thirteen hours of air travel from Puerto Rico to Oklahoma behind me, but my mind and body felt like I was in a foggy twilight zone. The color, sights and sounds of Puerto Rico were all a distant memory. Breakfast helped clear the fog a little. Coffee helped a little more.
A splash of Puerto Rican color
This morning as I slowly surfaced from sleep to a semi-conscience state I had such clarity of what I what to do next in my journey of creative adventures. It was crystal clear, vivid and in full color. I watched it all in my mind's eye, smiling and happy. It was all a perfect fit. The elusive creative voice and outlet that I seek was perfectly exposed. I remember thinking, "Of course! It's been there all along, silly." I reviewed it all, content and thrilled. Then ((horror of horrors)) I drifted back to sleep. When I woke an hour or so later I remembered it all but with less vividness and clarity.

When I finally took a few minutes to write in my journal I was dismayed to realize that even more of it had faded. Now I'm left with only a sense of it all, and I struggle to keep the panic from swallowing me. It feels like I held a long sought after treasure in my hand only to watch it melt and drip through my fingers. Then I remind myself not to be so dramatic, the clarity will return, and when it is time the next puzzle piece will be there.

The alchemist to the boy--"When a person really desires something all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream."  - The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Next stop: a visit to see four of my grandchildren. That should definitely get me firing on all cylinders or total fry me. We'll see...