Life is like a big puzzle. The table is full of pieces that make up each of our life's puzzle; it is a work in progress that takes a lifetime to complete.
Our family worked puzzles during the winter months when I was a kid growing up in Maine. It was fun to sort the pieces then slowly find matches. My dad taught me not to focus pieces together, to look for those gentle fits. When he'd find one he'd give the connected pieces one tap with his finger. Done. A perfect fit.
I could fill pages of when the puzzles pieces just connect and fit into place (and even more pages of when I forced them together). This time in Puerto Rico is one of those smooth, perfect fits. We came on a working vacation. Tim had business meetings here and being in PR is always like a vacation. We picked a condo to stay in. They contacted us to see if we'd be willing to stay in different condo...sure. Upon arrival we discovered that this different condo was right next to one we had seriously looked at last year when we were thinking about doing a year of urban living. Perfect. So our two weeks began. It went quickly.

A few days before our schedule departure a rental notice went up on the bulletin board by the elevator for a unit. I called and inquired. We popped up to take a look. The price was right, the timing right, the furniture and colors perfect. And that simply we had a new place to call home. Items in storage were unpacked...home was set up. The day we were suppose to fly back to the states we sat over lunch wishing we could stay on for another week or so. There was a moment when we looked at each and and said, "Why not?" We can do our Nationals work anywhere with internet. A few phone calls and our flights were changed, hotel dates moved. Just like that we had another nine days in the sun, sand and sea. No stress. No forcing the pieces. Simply moving a few pieces around to see if they'd fit and then that "tap." Done.

Today we really are leaving our new, little, urban home (condo--our first ever). We have no idea when we will return. We have some ideas, but those pieces aren't ready to be fit together yet. So I'm washing sheets, setting things up for our unknown time of return - happy to have had this unexpected extended time. 
We did discover that we LOVE urban dwelling. Multiple days passed and we didn't use the car. We walk to the grocery store, the drugstore, restaurants and the beach. I met interesting people who came to the island on vacation or like us live between here and the states. These country folks like this city.

There is a tiny bit of sadness as we leave our #903; however, that is overshadowed by the excitement to see  all of our kids and grandkids in the next two weeks and to see long time friends at Nationals. Then we'll head onto Arizona to see my parents and begin another adventure...and set up a different type of home. But more on that later.