Back to Puerto Rico

 A few days ago we have left the dry desert of Arizona for the humid heat of Puerto Rico. Our time in AZ, close to my parents, was a blessing...a gift. We look forward to returning to that area the end of March.
 Smooth, early morning flights...Phoenix to Houston to San Juan. 
 A magical carpet of clouds...
I remember my first flight in a little four seater plane with my uncle piloting and father in the front seat along the coast of Maine and Massachusetts. Islands like icebergs, clouds reflected and tiny houses...It made me wish that I could fly all the time. The thrill is still there all these years later.

After three months away from Puerto Rico I wondered how it would feel to return. Although it didn't feel like we were returning home, it did feel familiar and comforting. We both have a lot of work to accomplish during our two weeks here. However, what better place to enjoy working than here with windows wide open, the sea's surf noise loudly filling our little space and the beach just steps away.