A Temporary Home

Our building is the front one on the right.
HomeAway has been good to us in our travels. Being able to stay in a house or apartment with our own kitchen and living space...is important to me. Plus, it has exposed us to areas that we could very easily have missed if we were just staying in hotels. 

This time we chose the city, a condo right on the beach with restaurants surrounding us. A drugstore and grocery store are an easy walk away.

Step through our front door on the 4th floor...the apartment is about 500 square feet with high ceilings and huge north facing windows that  flood the place with wonderful light all day long. There is a simple table with chairs, a comfortable chair and ottoman and a funky couch of sorts. I like the uncluttered space.
The large screen TV hangs there quiet and unused. Our bedroom is right off the living room.

The view from the living room chair.

We keep the windows open day and night...no screens needed. Breezes and sounds float in and out...relaxing.

The galley kitchen is right by the front door. No windows, but none needed. 

There is a metal door and a wooden door. Being able to open the big wooden door and have the security of the metal grate door is wonderful. It allows the breezes flow freely through the space. 

Our view to the left-looking west towards Condado.

Our view to the east. 
Although we spent a year on the ocean at the Coastal Casa, this is the first time we've been just steps from a beach like this. It is perfect...swimming and beach walks and sitting in the sand sunning...all just a walk across a little lane. 

And our view looking down to one of the several restaurants on the first level of the building. At night the music from below fills our space, and I love it.