Photo-Heart Connection: December

It was cold and windy on the Imperial Beach Pier in California.

I love the contrasts in this photo...wood and water; blues, greens and browns; mountains and flat sea; light and darkness.
I love the feel that the texturing gave it. There is a solitude that speaks to me. The lines draw me in and push me back out. The man gives a soft, human feel to what could have been just stark and cold looking. There is a present in the moment feel and yet a peering off into distance.

To everything there is a season. A time to fish and a time to eat. A time to be out in the elements and a time to be home.

That day out on the pier I paused and breathed deeply. I smelled and tasted the salty air. I felt the wind buffeting me. I bent down and touched the strong, rough wood boards. I listened to the sounds of the sea and the sea gulls. This photo instantly brings me back.

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