I had plans...
Plans to settle in quickly to our new place in Arizona. Plans to get back into my blog. Plans to explore the Casa Grande area, to get my DSLR camera back in my hands. Plans to start printing my photos. Oh, I've had lots of plans.

My life is definitely an adventure. And adventures don't always go as planned. Actually, our adventures RARELY go as planned. That is exactly what I love about them.

We have settled in quickly here in Arizona in the same neighborhood as my parents. My father's health is still fragile, but he's stronger than he was in November. We didn't expect to have him for Christmas or the ringing in of the New Year. What a blessing this has been....to be here, close and with them.

After lots of research and reading I did purchase a printer and have begun to experiment, learn and print my photos. 

I've been loving my drawing time and using iPhone photo editing apps to "paint" my drawings with textures. 

It has been a delight to be able to go to a library! My reading time has expanded.

My "real" camera remains in my camera bag though. My iPhone has continued to be my go-to camera. Instagram has been my creative outlet...so easy and fun. And yet I've missed it here and desire to expand back into this space in some way. 

I have yet to find my "word" for 2013, however a few are rattling around...for now my motto is simple: