Two Sides

The packing continues. 
As I sort through what to keep and what to get rid of I'm amazed at what we have accumulated in the course of 18 months. Canning jars, yoga mats, a grill, beach towels, throw rugs, buckets and pails, snorkel gear, a car... and of course sea shells and sea glass. Each item that I handle I am now looking at differently than when I brought it into the house. 
Was it really needed? 
Would I get it again? 
What do I do with it now? 
It's easy to look at other people's stuff and question it, but to look at my own? That requires looking deeper. It has been a good process for me. As we look towards our next journey I'm hoping that I learned some things in order to accumulate LESS "stuff" on our next adventure.

What is odd is that I'm enjoying this sorting and packing process. I packed up the first suitcase today. I needed to see the pile decrease and to see how I was going to be on suitcase space. It was encouraging and fun. Yes, fun. Fun to think about where we will be when we finally get to unpack that bag with my pens and paper and all the other items that I skillfully packed away. (Thank you dad for all the packing lessons you gave me!) As I packed I just kept hoping that I won't need anything that I put in that suitcase because I'd never get it all back in there.

It's caused me to remember that there are two sides to every coin, or in my case, two sides to every shell. I'm grateful for the opportunity that we've had to live in such a fantastic location this past year. It was a wild daydream that became a reality. Amazing, no? But the flip side of that shell has been to be far from family. Now it's time to return to the states, and we are both ready and excited to do so.

In six days we leave here to begin a nine day journey to our next location. We plan on being in Arizona on November 30th. We have a rental secured around the corner from my parents house. The way the rental came together was a surprise and perfect timing (thanks, mom, for keeping your eyes and ears open). A confirmation that we are suppose to be there at this time.

Now to decide what to do with all these shells, sea urchins and sea glass...Anyone want some sea "stuff?"