Friday night I returned home to Puerto Rico. I had been in Arizona for a week helping my parents get settled into a new routine after my Dad came home from the hospital due to a large blood clot in his leg. We rearranged things in their home, adapting in order to help my Dad be more comfortable there. I'm grateful to the amazing staff at the Tuscon VA hospital, but honestly there is no place like home...

The word, "home" keeps rolling around in my head. What is home? What makes a place home? Who makes it home? I realize that for most people this can be an easy question. It was an easy one for me in the past. But now that we travel and follow the wind and whim it means more now, but then again maybe it means less. 

My home for now is by the sea, however, home is also where my parents are, where my sons and their families are and most importantly wherever my husband is. Each person and place has expanded my heart. I've learned that my home can be wherever I am able to feel at home. Sometimes it is the familiarity of a place or the comfort of having long cherished items around or family and friends that fill my heart as well as the space where I dwell in. However, I believe that it is still deeper than all of that.

As I look towards our upcoming departure from Puerto Rico to places yet unknown, I remind myself to keep defining what home means to me and how I can create a home wherever I live. For me this is exciting as well as a bit scary. The unknown is, well, unknown. This took on a deeper significance this past week as I spent time with my parents. My dad is preparing for a home where none of us can go to yet. His faith is amazing,  and yet it is still a journey into the unknown. He and my mom are my heros. They will always be home to my heart. 

"I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself."
--Maya Angelou