Kat's Free Digital Photography eBook

We arrived late last night in Atlanta, GA. A late departure from San Juan caused us to miss our connecting flight to Atlanta by just minutes. Thankfully we were able to get seats on the next flight out. It was actually nice to have time to sit, relax and eat dinner before the flight. What a blessing it was to have all of our luggage arrive with us. We had a short sleep then off this morning for a 2 1/2 hour drive to our son's (David) home. I have iPhone pictures but am just too tired right now to edit them.

Today I did the important things-spent time with David, Katie, Bella & baby Timmy. I played outside with Bella. Held Timmy ALL day. Sat on the floor with D&K chatting & laughing & simply enjoying their company. My mother's heart is happy.

What I can share right now is my friend Kat's new ebook on digital photography. I took this class and loved it. Now she's put all that information into a FREE ebook. Whether you are new to digital photography or you've been at it for years-this is great material. No strings, no sign up, no cost. Just click the button, download it, and dig in.

I love WHY she's giving this ebook as a gift. Click here to read the story.