Time for a Tree

It is just a large tree. I don't even know what kind of tree it is. After we moved here we tried to describe to someone in the area where we lived but without much luck. Then the person asked if we lived at the house where the big tree is. Of course...the big tree. It is a landmark for the neighborhood. You just can't miss it; it is so obvious.

However, when it came to photographing this tree it wasn't so obvious to me. I just couldn't get the picture right. It has been a year of trying different angles and different point of views with nothing working for me. Until one recent morning.

I almost missed the sight; I was focused on getting out the gate and on the road to Noli Beach. Then I remembered that I didn't loosen up before I left the house, so I stopped and stepped into the shade of some palm trees, began loosening up. I looked over at the big tree; the sun was perfect...I was finally able to get the photo that I had struggled all year to capture.

It took time. It took a whole year. It took slowing down, stopping and looking up. Then the connection was made. An image recorded. A message began to be whispered internally.

"There is more to life than simply increasing its speed." -Mahatma Gandhi

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