Focusing on the Solution Instead of the Problem

This is from last weekend's trip to Ponce. As we were zipping along the highway I saw this hillside and LOVED it...all those colors all nestled together. We pulled over and I grabbed a few shots, got home and edited them then let them sit. Gee whiz...I was mentally playing around with how to do the post, but I thought I'd wait. But what was I waiting for?

This situation has happened many times. My files are full of photos that have never been outside of Lightroom. They sit there collecting digital dust. The work is mostly done on them. They are culled, sorted and edited. It has me wondering if I'm rationing them. Why? I don't know. But recently I've been working on focusing on the solution instead of the problem. This needs a solution.

Years ago my husband and I took many group wilderness trips to Algonquin Provincial Park in Canada. It was an extreme week of backpacking, canoeing and camping. We'd paddle until our arms felt like they'd fall off then we'd portage until it felt like our legs would fall off. On my very first trip I kept all my breakfast and lunch food together in a big ziplock bag (dinner was communal). At the end of the week I still had half my food leftover. I was so afraid of running out of food that I failed to eat my daily allotment and was low on energy and hungry all week.

That taught me a simple lesson, and I came up with a simple solution. On my next trip I divided my breakfasts and lunches into seven individual daily bags. I enjoyed each meal without any fear of running out before the week was over. This all popped into my head during yesterday's morning walk as I was contemplating why I don't post more of my photos and stories. I dismissed the memory as a random thought, but it kept spinning around in my head.  It wasn't a random thought; it was a very specific thought with a real connection that I needed to examine.

There is no need to ration my posts and photos. I won't run out of material because I have my camera and a continuous supply of potential photos and stories. Yesterday alone I could have written about: 1. My morning walk and finding a fifth Atlantic Triton shell from Noli Beach and the first non-broken one. It was just laying there on a sandy strip after making it over all the rocks and coral reefs. Amazing! 2. The local farmers market where we participated in the avocado tasting put on by eight local chefs. 3. The wonderful bok choy that we bought at the farmers market which had JUST been picked. 4. An unusual sunset in the east with the most amazing colors. 5. The moon rising over the ocean that was spectacular.

So that is where I'm at. Learning to focus on the solution instead of being paralyzed with the problem.  The solution? Get the photos out of the digital darkroom. Take the pictures, do the editing and then throw them up on the blog. By rationing, waiting, and over -thinking I've been missing the boat that I want to be in-that of being more consistent and open in my writing.

Do any of you struggle with this or something like it? I love to hear your solutions and advise.