Feeling the Rhythm

There's an odd rhythm that comes about with travel. Time moves differently for me. The rhythm of everyday life shifts, adjusts and changes with each new location. New routines are temporally formed. Flexibility is needed and enjoyed.

Right now I'm sitting in an apartment in Scottsdale, AZ. It is an easy walk to Old Town and amazing restaurants, art galleries and shops. The mornings and evening are cool with a sharp edge in the air. The days are sunny and hot. The apartment is simple and small yet spacious and perfectly setup. Think Ikea and white washed bricks and simple wood, leather and metal. Big windows and doors that are wide open. It's a football Saturday and although it is quiet in my dwelling space, neighbors are cheering and groaning in time with the pace of their games. My open doors and windows give me audio insight that a closed house would deny me. It makes me think of years past when our four sons were young.

Time with my parents. The shock of seeing further decline in my dad...cancer eating away his physical body. He's withdrawing...turning inward as he prepares for the next chapter. Love and compassion. Bravery and courage. Sadness that comes in the face of this reality. Fears of the unknown path through deep waters before he's at rest.

Time with two of my little granddaughters. Laughter, silly faces and giggles. Messy meals. Slow walks. Cuddles on the couch. Grocery shopping help and chatter. Growth and change happening so quickly. Life. The next generation.

Feeling the rhythm and beauty of a new place...until the next place.