Bits of Fall

Thank you for your encouragement in comments, notes, texts and phone calls. Thank you! It all means a lot to me. I did second and third guess pushing that publish button but then it was done and read and over. I'm better today. 

My long day is coming to an end. The last item on my list is to draw a hot bath with epson salt added and soak before crawling into bed. It has been a good day, busy as can be with brackets, but all done in the quiet hotel suite with Tim and Rob. Tomorrow I'm back at the loud gym, but it is the last day and do-able. And then I just might get out and enjoy the autumn colors, smells and sights with my camera.

This one below was an easy shot at a Whole Foods...they always have such great autumn items.
Playtime at the property playground with four grandkids...a quickly grabbed family photo of my oldest son's family. I love the photo and the memory. 
Then I realized that in our whirl of travel and family visiting that I failed to get a family photo of my third son's family. I snapped photos of the little girls, of daughter-in-law Faith and of my son with his daughters but not one of them all. Such a disappointment. It is so easy to forget or not make the effort.
 The view from my hotel room the other I love autumn! Tropical weather and beaches seem like a faded memory.
This one is over processed, I think, yet I kept coming back to it; so it stays.

Again...thank you!