Hunting with my Camera-Morning Walks

Patterings. a 2 z meme
This week it's the letter H.

Recently each morning walk feels like a treasure hunt, an unknown adventure. I am a morning person {{ha}} who doesn't like to wake up early. I love mornings...but, well...normally I'm up late and that doesn't work well with rising early. However, since my sister's visit I've been waking up with the sun. Her four day visit must have inspired something within me or flipped some unknown switch. Whatever it is I hope it stays flipped.

Within walking distance I have two beaches that I know how to get to. There's another one that is just a three minute drive away. So I wake up, grab my gear and head out. My gear now is simple: a local Puerto Rican made fanny pack type of bag that I'm hooked on, my iPhone slips into the inner pocket, a gallon ziplock bag for any beach finds and a paper towel because it's still HOT here and I sweat like a dog. I believe that a lot of my morning excitement has come from having a small, waterproof camera (iPhone) that I can take along without worry or bother. 

Here are some of the visual treasures I found on a recent morning hunt walk.