Gifts from the Sea

For me the sea itself is a gift. The sounds, smells and sights flood into me and wash things out often gifting me with a fresh perspective.

Recently I've been getting out early in the morning for my solo beach walks. In the past I would try and time beach walks around low tide, but inevitably the day would fight to crowd it out. Tim's ideal work time is first thing in the morning, mine is later at night. So I've been out exploring my favorite beaches with my iPhone camera and a ziplock bag for shells and sea glass. They are long and glorious. A gift...

This little guy seemed stunned as he sat in the sand at the waters edge. After grabbing a few photos I put him in the surf and watched as he was swept away, hoping that he makes it.

A tug of war between a fly and crab...I wonder who won.

Something I've noticed in taking photos with my iPhone is how people are more open. The surfer had just come out of the water and was toweling off...I asked if I could grab a photo of the board. "Sure!" He shook my hand, introduced himself and we chatted about the waves for a bit. This doesn't normally happened when I have my dslr in hand. Could the difference be their perception of me...or could it be that I not able to hide behind that big lens and am more open? Whichever it is, it is a gift to interact with others. 

Daily I'm reminded what a gift it is it live here, so close to the sea for this time period. Each day is a gift regardless where we live...Sometimes we need to be reminded of that.

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