D is for Daring to Dream

Time spent walking beaches gives me time to think...time to let my mind travel pathways and rabbit trails. Since being in Puerto Rico one mind path that is well worn is the concept of daring to dream. Just the fact that I live in Puerto Rico right on the edge of the sea is an amazing dream. One that I had, but one that would never let myself embrace until I was here living what I had struggled to imagine.

Taking the step to live different has broken open my dreaming capacity and allowed me to work through my fears. My list of ideas and plans continue to grow, expand, shift and change. Each one is like a castle in the sky. Some of these castles get erased; some of them lead to new thoughts; some are having foundations built beneath them.

Tell me--do you have dreams? What are they? 
Are you afraid of them? Hiding from them? 
Are you embracing them? Following them? 
Dare to dream...

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