This and That

The other day we were once again in Old San Juan...this tax thing is complicated and a hassle. The cultural barriers have been more evident recently making it difficult at times to fully appreciate our location. I was glad not to have to go to the tax office and instead headed out to explore more of this city that I love.
First stop was the tourist center and a look around at the art gallery and former prison cells that are there.  It was interesting.

With the heat and high humidity my imagination struggled to grasp what it would have been like in these little, high ceiling cells with water dripping in from the recent downpour.

The heat and humidity was so oppressive that the short walk to the tourist center had me sweating and in need of a small towel that I left in the car. It just so happened that Coach called at that point. He was unexpectedly done early (well, not done-done but done with all he could do right that day). A welcome change of plan.

We were hungry. Thankfully this little ice cream shop also serves breakfast and lunch. Baked french fries, an omelet and dessert! 


So what do you do when you can't decide on just one flavor?
Share a banana split of course.

Two steps out the door and I was reminded that we really do live on an island. I was reminded that although it can be difficult at times to be in a different cultural and climate, it is still pretty amazing. I was also reminded to enjoy the moments here because change is ever present.
 For a few days we are leaving the island...time to travel once again, to be unscripted for a week.  I'll miss our island.