From Puerto Rico With Love

The days are flying by...six days have passed...only two left. Time marches on, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. It stops for no one.

The other day at dinner Jade asked me why I always have my camera with me. It was a question that my words couldn't explain to a three year old's satisfaction.  Later when I was editing these photos I showed them to her and told her that this is why I always have my camera with me-pointed at her even when she scowls at me. She smiled. She understood. Moments in time captured. Memories preserved. A story told.

I use Adobe's Lightroom. It really is designed for photographers. The more I learn, the more I love it. Last night I was wishing that I didn't have to pop over to PS Elements for collages. A few minutes on Google and I had found a LR solution. Halina over at HalinaV Photography has some wonderful LR templates HERE. I downloaded her free set of 20+ templates. Her installation instructions are easy to follow.  I made this one in about one minute.