Beach Walk After Tropical Storm Isaac

"The best camera is the one that's with you." -Chase Jarvis

Surprise! I'm actually loving my iPhone camera. Seriously loving it. I slip it in my back pocket and off I go. Is it raining? No problem. Stick it in a little ziplock bag freezer bag. Am I going to give up my Canon DSL? No way, but I having this one is just too easy.

Yesterday's beach walk with the kids...after tropical storm Isaac with my iPhone in my back pocket.

 Hundreds of sea urchins have been washed ashore. Today there seemed to be thousands actually.

 I'm happy with the iPhone's close up work.

 This eel surprised me. It blended in with all the seaweed and junk, but when I touched it without seeing it was startling.

 My first attempt to take the eel's photo didn't work as planned. I forgot about the reverse view button and hit that one on accident.

 Jon and I found four sea biscuits-two each. I didn't know they were fuzzy like sand dollars when they are alive.

It was a beautiful late afternoon. I am so glad that I had my iPhone in my back pocket.

Jon, Chris and Jade....I'm loving having them here for the week. A week that is going by much too fast.