Playing with Abstracts

One way for me to keep motivated and growing is to take photography classes online. 
This month I've been involved in ShutterCal's first photography class, "Intro to Abstracts" by Rebekah Cook. I "met" Becky on ShutterCal through her calendar and comments. I was immediately drawn to her eye, attention to detail and the fact that she was continually learning and seeking to improve her work. Her class has been fun as well as challenging. I look forward to her future offerings.
Lesson four was my favorite. I got lost in seeking to turn my sea glass into abstracts.

Sea Glass in motion...

Here was my setup. 

Working on abstracts for a month challenged me to think outside the box. I would find myself looking around a room seeing shapes, shadows and colors instead of familiar objects. A lamp, a shell, or a building...they became more and yet less all at the same time. It has slowed me down with my camera. It has been a good exercise and experience.