From Colorado to Arizona and Back Again

The time with family was precious on our trip to Colorada.
I love the set up of this spontaneous photo. 
Yes, I wish it was on a beach or in an open field without all the distractions around it. However, the spacing is interesting to me as well as the strides.
When we arrived in Nederland it was snowing. The crisp mountain high was amazing!
Our time together seemed far too short!
We left Colorado and headed to Arizona.
Along the way we enjoyed the drive time...the quiet and the beauty of the mountains.
Rob and his family joined up in Arizona for some Grammy and Pappy time.
Four generations
My parents had three daughters.
I had four sons.
Here my oldest son is holding his 4th child and his 1st daughter after three sons. 
It was an amazing trip full of memories.
Later this month:
a trip east for time with our 2nd son and his family as well as Coach's parents. 
Until then I'm soaking up the sunshine and salt water!