A Wonderful, Imperfect Afternoon - Part One

Yesterday afternoon we headed to Shacks Beach for some snorkeling and swimming.
As I pulled the snorkel gear from the back I heard the sound of air escaping from the tire. 
So we jumped back into the wagon and went to find a tire place quickly.
As we passed Ola Lola's Bar John told us where to go.
We made it to the shop without damaging the tire.
 Victor pulled this odd piece of metal from the tire and then set about quickly fixing it.

 I'd not seen a tire plugged before and found it interesting.
 While waiting I began looking around the shop grateful that my camera was with me.
 It took me a bit to figure out what it was about this place that I liked besides the tools and efficiency if Victor. 

This place was clean and organized. 
I was really impressed.
 After the quick fix Victor took us out back to show us the lizards in the trees. 
 This one tree had to have over 20 large lizards hang around up high. The tree had some type of bean pod that they like.
 Then Victor showed us the cashew tree. He said they are rare to find on the island.
Each fruit has one nut without a shell. The fruit was bitter, juicy and had a chalky texture. 
Odd, but I liked it.

 Thanks Victor for fixing our tire so quickly, showing us the lizards and the cashew fruit!

After our tire adventure we went back to Shacks Beach, enjoyed the water then stopped at Ola Lola's. 
What could have been a frustrating event became a fun diversion that introduced us to numerous new items. 
I love days like this one!