Urban Living?

Off to San Juan for a few days this past week.
 A typical road scene... fruit and veggies off to market.
 This looked like a brand new truck...love the colors.
When I saw this ice cream shop I was so excited! 
A hot, freshly made just-for-me waffle cone with Late Night Snack...oh, it was so good!

 This area is beautiful...
 The view from our hotel room.
 Looking right...
 Looking left...
Recently we began thinking more about our 2013 location. 
For awhile we seriously considered staying at the Coastal Casa for another year, 
yet the idea of 7 unique places in 10 years continues to call us.
 We love the country...the quiet and having open space. We are both country born and raised. 
We've always lived in the country with the exception of our suburban home in OKC for ten years.

 However, the idea of urban living has intrigued us for a number of years. 
San Diego has been on our potential list as well as Santa Fe, NM.
Yet we aren't ready to leave Puerto Rico...we've simply fallen in love with this island.
We don't want to leave it yet.
So we have begun to investigate and explore the metro area of San Juan...
It should be a fun adventure.
I wonder where we'll end up.