I love to travel...
The planning of what to pack, of where I'll be going and who I'll be seeing invigorates me.
I don't mind the process. I like the challenge.
Traveling simply & light is my preferred way to go. 
 Noticing and exploring a new area with my camera is just plain fun for me.
 Walking around Fort Lauderdale during our 14 hour layover proved lots of fun for me. 
 Sitting in the hotel lobby waiting for our shuttle back to the airport...
my camera helps me appreciate little items easily missed.
 One of my favorite burger joints stateside challenges me to find different ways to document our visits.
 As we walked to our gate the FL sun was setting.
The reflection bouncing off the plane and rain-washed tarmac caused me to dump my bags in the midst of a packed terminal and grab a few shots.
 It was a fleeting that would have been easy to ignore or rush though.
It was a moment that left me grateful for the perfect timing that put me at that spot right at that moment.
I was also thankful that I travel prepared to grab my camera and click.
My recent class, A Sense of Place, has helped me fine tune my traveling camera kit.
 It was a long 27 hours of travel.
By the time we landed in CO and got on the car rental shuttle I was ready to be still for awhile.
Yet I couldn't resist this photo op.
Beautiful lights, Denver's beautiful airport architecture and a self portrait all in one snapshot.