Ola Lola's Garden Bar - Part Two

Our flat tire adventure on Monday was an easy fix because of John at Ola Lola's.
We've been going by Ola Lola's for a year now, yet we never stopped. 
We never noticed this sign declaring it the, "Home of the world famous Peanut Butter Burger."
Why didn't we know or stop? 
Who knows...
They always wave and have a smile for whoever is passing by. 
So we knew them to be friendly. Friends told us to try it. We just always had other plans.
Plus they are open only on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 3pm-9pm. 
Our favorite sushi place near by is only open on Friday and Saturday.
It's a good 20 minute drive to Shacks Beach....the list goes on.

Then yesterday John helped us with quick, accurate directions to the garage to get our tire fixed. 
So after our swim we decided to stop not knowing that they have a great little menu 
nor that they make fantastic hamburgers.
 I see these glasses and think "summertime."
And since it always feels like summertime here...

They have a little swap library!
 I have really missed having a local library. Kindle and I are best friends, but sometimes a real book is needed. Our next visit, this weekend--to try the "world famous peanut butter burger"- I look forward to swapping some books.
 Simple, great decoration for the outdoor garden bar...

 Since we weren't planning on paying for a flat tire fix or drinks and dinner we had to scrounge for coins in the car. John seeing our stacks let us know that if we were short it would be no problem. We could take care of it on our next visit since it is a cash only business. This is very common on the island, and John shared his personal experience with this gracious hospitality when he was new to the island years ago.
We instantly felt comfortable and welcome.
It was nice to spend time chatting and find out about a local dive instructor from John who is an avid diver. I do believe we'll soon be diving!
 We got the Trinidad Burger and split it. 
Oh-my-goodness!! What a fantastic burger!
I was very sorry that we were splitting it. 
See, I love cheeseburgers...seriously love them. 
And I have seriously missed them here in Puerto Rico. We just haven't been able to find a good one here.
So to find out that Ola Lola's has had them all along and we just never bothered to stop is a bit sad.
It was really a wake up call to stop passing things by without stopping and trying it. 
This is a life lesson...for as much as we explore and love adventures, we still miss too much.
A beautiful sunset greeted us at home....
I played with our cashew fruit in the fading light...
I was amazed at the lighting as the sun sunk low...
I reminded myself to look up  and down and right and left...There is so much to see.
And once again I gave thanks for our little piece of paradise 
before walking into my house 
at the close of a wonderfully imperfect day.