Crash Boat Beach

Fresh red snapper from Crash Boat Beach for a recent dinner. 
They were just dinner until I looked at this photo...
 those eyes...the open mouth...
But I'm going to just focus on the brilliant colors.

 A fishing boat making a warning run. 
They have whistles that they blow if people are swimming or on the beach where they want to come ashore.
When they beach the boats people go over and check out their catch and help drag the boat up the beach.

The 1st time I went to Crash Boat I mainly noticed the old pier where kids jump and dive,
and the pelicans fly by.

Now it is the beach that holds my interest. 
Regardless how rough the sea might be on the northwest corner, this spot on the western coast is ideal for swimming.
So now we combine our weekly fish market run with a nice swim.
I'm told that snorkeling and diving is good over by the pillars.