A Cloud

Last week we followed this cloud mass home from the beach.

I've been struggling with motivation for a couple of weeks. 
Then last week my left kidney began to hurt with a deep pain. 
Monday night I felt like this pink house trapped under the massive cloud. 

I hurt terribly. 
I was confused as to what was going on in my body.
Regardless of what the x-ray showed & the doctor said, a kidney stone no longer made sense.
The rash over my kidney was growing as was the pain.
At my worst point Monday night my mom called. 
I couldn't talk...so she talked.
Then she listened, put my dad on the phone, got on the computer and did some research.
My mom and dad talked me out from under that cloud.
Their timing was perfect.
Their love, understanding and compassion...massive.

Yesterday morning I went back to the doctor.
Different diagnosis this time: Shingles.

Today my cloud is one of gratefulness and hope.
Thanks Mom and Dad.
Love you!