Rain, Rain Go Away...

What do you do when your friends wake up on their first morning in Puerto Rico to RAIN? 
Not just a little rain, but torrential downpours.
 Well, we jumped in the car and headed to the pirate house beach area.
No, leave them in the car...enjoy the warm rain.
 She is such a stylish good sport! 
Warm ocean water...chilly rain... drenched to the skin and so happy to have our longtime, dear friends here with us.
Still soaked we headed to Cumay's beach for a long walk in the rain until we were too chilled to go further. The ocean put on a wild display all day.
 What is this? I'm guessing an eel but not really sure.
Seems that even the sea creatures were water logged.

 We were shocked to come home to this!
The stairs going down to the sea...
 There was so much water coming off the mountain to the south of us...
 Our little house was an island surrounded by the run off.
 Our neighbors were out and about accessing the damage and clearing debris. 
They said this was highly unusual. 

After a second breakfast we headed out to Crash Boat Beach for some swimming before a tailgate lunch and another beach walk. 
Hopefully the sun returns tomorrow.