More Sea Glass

 We've had some great sea glassing days this past week.
 While in the surf scooping up sea glass this shell washed ashore.
It is a new one to me, and I don't know what it is yet.
 Any ideas?

So often when I clamp down, determined to find or do something, I come away frustrated and empty handed. Then in those moments of relaxed enjoyment something will wash shore, presented as a gift without any effort from me. 

To me this shell is a reminder to be present in the moment and enjoy the journey.
The well worn, chunky pieces in the morning light make me think of jewels. 
The mini pieces are like tiny, colored tear drops.
Theold bottles show some of our small rare pieces. 
The blues and mixed colors on the far left aren't rare; I simply like them in the bottles.
Today we found 2 small yellows which brings our yellow count up to a grand total of three after a year of sea glassing here. 
This is one of my favorite areas to go sea glassing.
I often wonder what the draw is to hunting for sea glass. 

Yes, the colors, shapes and textures interest me. But it is more than that. 
It is the meditative, quiet time on the beach. 
A time to let my thoughts wonder, to explore an idea or problem yet be engaged in an activity that delights me.

This past week it was time with friends, in the sun and surf, looking for sea glass, laughing as the waves pounded us and teased us with glimpses of sea glass on the sand below..
.Catching a good pieces and having friends to show it to. 
It was time together...

So what do you enjoy about looking for shells or sea glass?