March 2012 Photo\ & Heart Connection

My March was spent with people...

I left my quiet seaside house on March 3rd and flew over 7,500 miles and drove over 3,500 miles in order to spend time with my parents, sisters, children, grandchildren, long time friends and to do bracket work for NCHBC's Regionals and Nationals basketball tournaments. 

It was a month of connections, but not much time with my camera. So I wondered if I'd be able to participate in this month's Photo-Heart Connection from Kat's

Then I found this photo.

It was not posed; it was just a random moment at a hamburger joint. 
A moment now frozen in time. 
A grandfather's love...
A child who won't begin to understand that love for many, many years. 
Someday maybe this photo will trigger blessed memories of this grandfather's love.

 While at my parents I found just such a photo that spoke volumes to me of my great-grandfather's love. 
A love that only now am I beginning to understand and fathom. 
This photo is 49 years old. 
My grandpa has been gone many years, yet his love remains alive.
To me, that is amazing.