Intention vs. Expectations

Kat has been exploring the concept of intention on her blog
This quote has  stirred my thinking.

Letting go of expectations is something that I've been working on through the years. I have found that I enjoy life and others more when I live in this state. Yet I had never examined the aspect of intentions in relationship to expectations. 

Our present life in Puerto Rico is what it is because we ditched our expectations and took a chance. We found a HomeAway rental and committed to one month, May 2011. 
We had some simple intentions: 
to relax, to reconnect, to enjoy the sun and sea. 
We had no clue how any of it would take place. Yet daily each intention guided us to do the next thing. 

From that starting point we followed the flow. It wasn't always clear what our next step was going to be. 
At one point we went out with a real estate agent looking for a long term rental. It ended in confusion and frustration. 
We stepped back and reassessed.

Without using the word "intentions" we kept going back to what it was the we were seeking. 
Now it is easy to see we were bringing our intentions into focus and allowing that to be our plum line.

This is why Kat's quote has resounded so strongly within me. I have been experiencing it this past year. 
My house is open and spacious even though it is small.
My views are also open and expansive and that has strongly influenced my thinking and living. 
 I enjoy the simple aspects of daily living here.  
I find beauty and peace in the everyday elements.

As I look towards our next step I needed the reminder and deep challenge to continue to assess my intentions and to not become too attached to this physical place and thus forfeit the joy of the journey.

Thanks to Kat for sharing her journey, and to Dan for making the picture special.