A Grand Time

During our travels I had time with our oldest son's  family...
Play time, camera time, fun time...
Slowly I've been working on the photos, trying to decide which ones to keep and how to process them. 
Little Miss Mae...so sweet with such a big personality.
Three older brothers keep her on her toes, however, I think that later she will be the one to keep them on their toes.
From the time Markus was a baby I've enjoyed swinging with him. 
He delighted me on this day when he asked me if I'd swing with him.
He's growing up so fast.

Josiah is constant motion and chatter and loved showing me all that he can do now.

Then there is Noah...sweet, sunny Noah.
He cracks me up with his personality.
At this moment he decided he'd had enough of my camera in his face. "Stop!"
He changed his mind once I showed him his picture and decided to let me keep snapping away.

This photo sums up so much...
I just love it!