Convey a Sense of Place

 How do you take an item and give it a sense of place, a sense of belonging, a sense of the message you want to share?
 Often the object is enough, as it is, alone. 
Yet I love context and being able to see and experience an item in context is important to me.
Being able to share an item within its context is a challenge for me.
Context gives depth and insight. 

I cannot get rid of the white railing in most of my wave photos from our house because the waves break too close. But I have discovered that there is a country song for just about everything in life, and "Put a Girl in It" kept rattling around in my head. So I stuck a couple of wonderful girls in the photo (plus Coach) and love how the context changed.
The view from the railing is stunning and majestic. 
It is enough.

Yet being able to see it in context expands the setting even more for me.
I placed my focus on the wave...the girls help to provide the context.
 Their presence hopefully displays how the ocean mesmerizes and captivates us.
I want to convey that time spent looking out to sea can expand our thinking, cause our imagination to take flight and bring clarity.
 Simply zooming into one wave doesn't provide enough context for what I'm trying to convey regardless of how spectacular  the wave may be.

I've begun a new class with Kat and home to learn much about A Sense of Place in the next eight weeks.