Batey Zipline Adventure

The Naylors' 35th anniversary gift from their kids was a zipline adventure. 
We tagged along to experience  a different part of the island.
 It was a fun ride up into the mountains...BZA's directions were perfect which was good or we'd never have found it.
 Batey Zipline Adventure is in Utuado, Puerto Rico
 Step one: put on your helmet, and don't take it off until you return to the start point. 
 My companions...

 Can you see me? 
 We hiked...
 Crossed this bridge...
Saw beauty all around us...this ginger flower was just one example.
 We zipped...
 and zipped...
 and zipped some more.
 It was amazingly beautiful, peaceful and invigorating.
 Then we repelling 70 feet down a cliff, a first for all four of us.

 It's easy and safe behind my camera taking photos of others doing this, but honestly I was terrified to repel. I'm grateful that Coach offered to take my camera and get pictures of me descending before he follow me down.
I was determined and ended up loving it!

 This whole area around the Tanama River is full of history and beauty. 
BZA told us bits and pieces about this area. It whet my appetite to learn more about this region.
You can cross the river by the hammock bridge or through the water. 
Your choice. 
The owner of BZA grows bamboo and other crops...
the place is truly beautiful, but I think I might have mentioned that already. 

If you come to Puerto Rico and want a fun, enjoyable adventure definitely go to: 
 Batey Zipline Adventure is in Utuado, Puerto Rico