No Oklahoma pictures yet.

Our oldest son and his whole family are sick, really sick, with the flu. Because of our schedule and work load we don't want to be exposed to this virus if we can help it.
To be right next door and yet not able to see our kids and grandkids...well, it is difficult. 
I'm glad that we are here though and able to pick stuff up at the store for them. We leave the items on their front porch then text them that it is there. It feels like they've been locked up with the plague. Whenever I've dropped things off at their porch it has been so quiet inside. I'm glad for texting or I'd wonder if they were all still alive in there.

Today the wind in OK is wicked! 50+ mph
Coach and I had heart scans this morning and both have a 0% plaque score. Yah!

Tomorrow we leave for Des Moines Regionals.

To be continued...