I'm home again after a month of travels.
As much as I love to travel and explore, being able to go home is a delight. 
There is something about seeing my books and photos, my desk and the rooms we inhabit that brings comfort. I love to unpack, put everything away, and stow the suitcases until the next adventure. 
Then I settle in and relish being still.

Through the years I've learned that "home" can shift and change, and that there can be different types of "home" as well. 
My ancestral home were my cousin still lives is special...it holds roots that go deep.
Wherever my parents have lived has been home simply because they were there. 
I discovered on this trip that our Oklahoma home is no longer "home." 
Yes, our house is still full of our things, but my son and his family are now the only "home" in Oklahoma. 
The house and things in it are merely items that I will pack up and store until they are needed once again.

For now home is by the sea
and it is exactly where I want to be.

 The girls are still here for a few more days making home even more special to come back to.