Storyboard of Doors

Last night I really struggled with posting here.
I didn't want to think let alone write.
Yet that door picture somehow grasp ahold of me 
and drew out so much emotion. 
And that helped me.

Having a reason to post was what propelled me to struggle through the process.
Recently I've been impressed with the role that routines play in my life.
My simple routines help keep me grounded.
I like the rhythm that they bring to my days.
My online classes give me routine with flexibility.

Beyond Layers new assignment revolves around storyboards (collages).
Telling a story through photos...bring a collection together...
Storyboards have been a favorite of mine for sometime.
It was a good reminder to use them more often.
Plus, Kim taught me some things that I didn't know about using PS Elements to make storyboards.

Thank you, friends old and new, for your encouraging words and support. 
It is difficult to open the door and share such raw emotion.
Yet doing it was helpful in many  ways.
A phone call, comments, messages...
I will embrace this part of the journey and walk through each door when it is time.