We are doing a bit of exploring on the island this weekend, so I thought I'd share some pictures from home that I took before we left. 
I don't think I'll ever tire of this view nor of the ocean. 
It changes continually throughout the day. 
That is a lot of what draws me to the sea...the ever-changing shifting elements of water, waves, and sand.
It had been so calm and then there was a shift in the wind...
the waves began to build, the rain squalls moved closer. 
Can you see them out there on the right and left sides?
That "window" in the clouds and rain just draws me in.
The curve, the spine and detail of each it.
I see this everyday, but for some reason on Friday it looked differently to me. 
I've been playing around with some free presets on LR 3 from Oh So Posh Photography trying to get a certain look. Haven't found "the look" I want I'll keep experimenting. 
Another selfie...these are difficult...cannot get what I want & don't like what I get.
I'll keep at it.
Plus, I have to wonder how much is age induced. {wink}

I look forward to sharing some pictures of your little exploration on the NE part of the island once we get back home.